A crash on the Burma Road/Top Road roundabout junction at the beginning of February, may have been a telling factor in the relalignment of lines and marking that happened last week. Rumble strips are now in place – in my mind though, the Yield/Roundabout  signs (particuarly coming into the village from town) – are just not visible enough.

Given the way that people seem to negotiate the junction, it’s a little surprising that there have not been more incidents. To that end, it’s useful to consider the advice given on the Road Safety Authority website on negotiating roundabouts – the download is here.

From experience negotiating it on a day to day basis – the following points are the ones that people should take heed of

 Pay attention people……



Strandhill Online is now published using  WordPress – very nice too.

The import from Blogger was done via WordPress.com (it has an import from blogger features), exported from WordPress.com and then re-imported back into strandhillonline.com.

It’s only afterwards you realise the small things that make this messy – even though the import/export was very easy. The key thing was preserving Google ranking – this was not helped by the fact that blog permalinks are created the first time you create a post – any subsequent modifications to the title do not change the permalink. This took a little bit of figuring out, and those links that broke Google, I recreated (just 3 out of 9).



Had a quick check on the Sligo County Council website just now for submissions made on the planned runway extension – 72 so far – wow!

Looks like the public meeting and ensuing debate has really galvanised the community.



The early flush of getting something half decent up and running for Strandhill Online, has been quickly replaced by recognition of the inflexibility of Blogger (where this site is currently hosted).

Currently looking to WordPress (another, more flexible blogging platform) to provide the basis for this.

The most obvious drawback of Blogger is the inability to add static, non-chronology based links.



The Scoil Asicus Parents Association has recently elected a new committee. At the AGM held last November, chairperson James Given, secretary Linda Burke and treasurer Linda Keane were appointed. Vice-chair Kevin Peyton, vice-secretary Deb Kilgallon and vice-treasurer Sandra Hufsky were also elected.

The new board wishes to follow up the good work and fundraising activities that have taken place over the past number of years. In the lead up to Christmas, they produced a very attractive colour calendar for 2007, comprising artwork from students as well as scenic shots of the local area.

A small number of these calendars ate still available for purchase. Association members will be looking for your support over the coming week as they sell these door-to-door in the locality.

Some of the activities planned over the coming months include assisting school staff with the purchase of new computer equipment, a road safety campaign, further development of the school website as well as ongoing fund-raising.

A public meeting is planned for the latter part of February, and the attendance and input of parents would be much appreciated. More details will be published closer to the date.



Few people seem to realise that Sligo County Council have made it quite easy for people in Strandhill to view the fine detail of planning applications online.

The link is pretty obvious from their home page – “View Panning Register”. Searches can be performed by planning number, name and address. All applications and the subsequent submissions are scanned to be made available online, and this appears to happen within days of their receipt of materials.

However, the document viewer which is used to view these scanned images – is an ActiveX control – and will only work in Internet Explorer. Even then – I have heard a number of people remark “I checked the county council website, and the documents aren’t there”. Probably not the case…

Internet Explorer will complain about the installation of the activex control, because of typical security settings. The screencast below – hosted on YouTube – will walk you through the process; it’s pretty straightforward.



This is a nice little two minute clip taken in November 2006 from the highest sand dune on the beach in Strandhill. Nice panorama initially looking back to Knocknarea and the village, then over toward Benbulben (1:05), over to Dromore West (1:35), and back in to Ballisodare Bay, Culleenamore (1:52).



In an act of wanton vandalism, 13 windows of the local National School in Strandhill were smashed over the weekend, probably sometime late on saturday night.

As a result, the 5th and 6th class pupils were advised to stay away for the day while windows are repaired and debris is removed.

Anyone with an information on this incident should ring Sligo Gardai at 071-9157000



Over 100 people attended a public meeting in Strandhill last night to show their concern over the proposed new 270 metre eastward extension of the runway into Dorrins Strand.

Chaired by Alfie Parkes, representatives from the Airport Board as well as those directly affected by the developments made statements on their positions.

A lively debate ensued from the floor. All of those who spoke were unanimous in their hopes that the runway can be extended, but threw serious doubt on the decision to extend east. The quality of the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) was questioned by a number of well qualified individuals, as was the apparent decision by the board to choose the less expensive option. For the record, the option to develop west into the Atlantic is apparently technically possible – but at least double the price (€10.2m).

A lively and passionate evening – this one has a long way to go.



At a recent AGM of the Strandhill Development Association, there was disquiet regarding the proposed extension of the runway into Dorrins Strand. According to An Irish Town Planner’s Blog recounting from an Irish Independent piece

“The proposed €5m extension to the runway of Sligo airport at Strandhill will see the construction of a 270m platform onto the mudflats at Dorrins Bay, on its eastern end.

But locals claim that the development will destroy a safe recreational and bathing area as well as wiping out a nature reserve and bird sanctuary and ruining the livelihoods of several shellfish farmers.”

For those interested, there is a meeting planned for this week (thursday, 8th February) – presumably local press for more details. Details of the application are available on the Sligo County Council Website, planning number is 0722.

Closing date for submissions is 14th February.

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