Cliodhna recently sent me on the promotional material for the fund raising campaign the group are currently running – this is the text.

The Strandhill/Coolera area has one of the fastest rowing populations in the North West and it is stimated that there will be over 2,000 people nder 25 by 2009. We therefore urgently need community and sports facilities to cater for the increasing population, especially for the younger people.

The Sports and Community Centre sub-committee of Strandhill Community Development Association is working to provide state-of-the-art sports facilities and a Community Centre at a site on the Airport Road. We have recently secured agreement from Sligo County Council for a long-term lease on this site.

With support from the community we can develop this area into a wonderful amenity while respecting the scenery and environment.

The objective is to provide a multi-purpose community centre that will cater for indoor sports and changing facilities, youth club activity, drama, gymnastics, dance, childcare, homework clubs, meeting rooms, facilities for older citizens, health, education and library services, along with outdoor soccer & Gaelic playing pitches, all-weather pitch and running track, linked to a network of recreational boardwalks along the dunes.

Now we need your help. We are launching our fundraising drive with a Monster Draw with over €200,000 worth of prizes. By supporting this draw you could win a 2008 luxury car, a 2008 motor home or a leisure/ fishing boat or €40,000 in cash or any of 1,000 other high-quality prizes.

At the same time you will be helping to provide the Strandhill/Coolera region with sports and community facilities to be proud of. All it will cost you is four payments of €25, or €100 once-off payment either by cash, cheque or  bankers order to the Strandhill / Coolera Sports and Community Centre Account.

We ask you to support this draw by buying a ticket and by selling tickets to as many other people as possible.




Last night while driving along the top road (the roundabout side of Kellys on the top road, and across from the former Barracks) I spotted a non-roadkill badger, sniffing its way casually along a wall and footpath.

Just recorded the sighting to


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