The Strandhill National School Parents Association are having its AGM on Monday, 29th September at 8.30pm in the school. All parents are encouraged to attend, and especially those whose children attending school for the first time in junior infants.

It will be an opportunity for all to see the new laptops that have been recently purchased with the generous financial support of parents over the last few years, as well as the new digital whiteboard in the Sixth class room.



Summer Hiatus and all of that – we’ve been pretty quiet over the last few months.

So easing back into it – here is the only minuted item from the last ordinary meeting of the county council back in June – relating to Strandhill – back in June.


Proposed by Councillor T. McLoughlin
Seconded by Councillor I. Henry

“To request a report on the Roadworks scheme in Strandhill, including Urgent works on the Upper Road and the upgrading of footpaths from the church to the promenade”.

In Response Mr T. Carroll SE stated the following;

A sum of €88,400 has been provided in estimates 2008 towards the upgrade of Buenos Aires Drive (L-3505) under Road Restoration Programme. A sum of €45,500 has also been provided towards the continued upgrade of footpath network on Top Road R292 in 2008. Repairs where required will be undertaken to footpaths from Church to Promenade.

Interestingly, no mention at all of proposed bye-law for “parking charges”. I would have naively thought that given this first hit the papers in early July – a knowledge of the issue would have been known at the time?

Can anyone out there educate readers on the the mechanism by which bye-laws are actually conceived, deliberated, discussed and agreed? I’ve had a brief look at the council website – it may be buried in there somewhere, but nothing obvious…


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