Yesterday evening (wednesday) – just before dark – I decided enough was enough. Went over to the airport road and took a few photos of the road surface after the recent cold weather. This photo does not really give full justice – on this section of about 250 metres – both wheel tracks had begun to disintegrate

Potholes on the Airport Road

Did someone see me take these photos or something? This evening – thursday – the potholes have been patched up. Certainly better than it was, but still no great shakes.

In fairness to the council workers – they have been doing much work of late in the Strandhill area; new pavements are being laid in a number of locations – in front of the school, a section leading to Strand Celtic as well as an estate just off the roundabout.

Thing is – it’s a poor as well as dangerous first first impression for any visitors.  Let’s hope resurfacing can happen soon.

Anyone else got any potholes of doom that are worth a mention? Have you rung the council or talked to local councillors about them?


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