We mentioned on Twitter a few weeks back that there a number of incidents of cars having their contents rifled through. This was on sunday night/monday morning of the 15th March. We know of 2 incidents that were reported to the Gardai – both just off the top road.

More incidents have also been reported from Monday night last – 5th April – in a number of locations just off the Strandhill Road; Again – the modus operandi seems to be to go for unlocked vehicles in search of cash. Valuables do not appear to be of an interest to these people.

So if you are in the habit of leaving your car unlocked at night – this might convince you to think otherwise. What makes this rather nasty is the fact that whoever is responsible clearly knows the area and is very calmly checking cars that are unalaramed/unlocked. A serious case of neck – let’s hope the Gardai can nip this in the bud quickly – if you have seen anything suspicious, you should call Sligo Gardai at 071- 915 7000.



This clothing collection flyer arrived in the letter box this morning – they’re really beginning to annoy me at this stage.

No charity number or indeed mention of charity – only the word “donation”. The mobile number or VAT registration number (why??) provided are not real.

These flyers are being collated by Donncha on clothing collection – these particular doves are down in Cork as well it seems.

If you really do want to give unwanted clothes to charity, then bring them to SVP or other recognised charity shop



Bit of a monday morning surprise. Doing my normal school drop just before 9am, swung onto the Golf club road – there it was – squad car, lights-a-flashing.

Is this a first? If it was a traffic calming measure, then fair enough. But I did see licence documents being examined.

This seems pretty heavy handed…



In an act of wanton vandalism, 13 windows of the local National School in Strandhill were smashed over the weekend, probably sometime late on saturday night.

As a result, the 5th and 6th class pupils were advised to stay away for the day while windows are repaired and debris is removed.

Anyone with an information on this incident should ring Sligo Gardai at 071-9157000


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