Cliodhna recently sent me on the promotional material for the fund raising campaign the group are currently running – this is the text.

The Strandhill/Coolera area has one of the fastest rowing populations in the North West and it is stimated that there will be over 2,000 people nder 25 by 2009. We therefore urgently need community and sports facilities to cater for the increasing population, especially for the younger people.

The Sports and Community Centre sub-committee of Strandhill Community Development Association is working to provide state-of-the-art sports facilities and a Community Centre at a site on the Airport Road. We have recently secured agreement from Sligo County Council for a long-term lease on this site.

With support from the community we can develop this area into a wonderful amenity while respecting the scenery and environment.

The objective is to provide a multi-purpose community centre that will cater for indoor sports and changing facilities, youth club activity, drama, gymnastics, dance, childcare, homework clubs, meeting rooms, facilities for older citizens, health, education and library services, along with outdoor soccer & Gaelic playing pitches, all-weather pitch and running track, linked to a network of recreational boardwalks along the dunes.

Now we need your help. We are launching our fundraising drive with a Monster Draw with over €200,000 worth of prizes. By supporting this draw you could win a 2008 luxury car, a 2008 motor home or a leisure/ fishing boat or €40,000 in cash or any of 1,000 other high-quality prizes.

At the same time you will be helping to provide the Strandhill/Coolera region with sports and community facilities to be proud of. All it will cost you is four payments of €25, or €100 once-off payment either by cash, cheque or  bankers order to the Strandhill / Coolera Sports and Community Centre Account.

We ask you to support this draw by buying a ticket and by selling tickets to as many other people as possible.




The plans to extend Sligo Airport onto Dorrins Strands gets discussed  on

Latest news on the attempts by the  local conservation group are also well worth keeping up to date with.



From the Ocean FM website this morning :

Sligo County Councillors have requested senior executives of the council to provide them with a full report on the Culleenamore controversy by the November meeting of Sligo County Council.

The decision was taken by councillors who attended last night’s meeting of the Culleenamore community group, after the group presented the councillors with their case.

The controversy surrounds the Council’s plan to build a fence at the beach near Strandhill.

Objectors do not want this fence because they say it would block a public right of way that is part of the original road from Ballisodare to Sligo via Strandhill and a popular public amenity.

A spokesperson for the Culleenamore Preservation Group, Seamus May says he hopes this case will not have to go to court..



Looking in this weeks Sligo Champion, about the recent protest over the removal of the community room upstairs in the maritime centre. As far as I know, this is the only room available to local groups to have meetings, and presumably was part of the initial (planning) condition for the building of the centre.

Anyone know the background to this ?



The following extract is taken from CSO figures published on 26th April 2007, from this file.

Strandhill, Co Sligo – Census Figures

2002 Census : 1,002 persons
2006 Census : 1,413 persons (686 male, 727 female)

Population Increase 2002-2006 : 411 (actual) or 41%



On Friday 9th March, the Dorrin’s & Cummeen Conservation Group (DCCG) were invited to meet with representatives of Sligo Airport and their consultants. Councillor Higgins, Chairman of the Board of Sligo Airport, billed this meeting as the start of a consultation process between Airport personnel and representatives of the local community.

The meeting started with the expert consultants to the Airport giving presentations on why the extension to the East Side was the only feasible option. It became clear that despite this meeting being a consultation process, the Airport were not in favour of changing their plans despite the opposition voiced in two recent public meetings in Strandhill and over 70 objections to Sligo County Council’s Planning Section. The airport also suggested that it would have to close if it did not extend the runway to the East.

A spokesperson for the Dorrin’s & Cummeen Conservation Group addressed the meeting and asked the Airport Company to withdraw the current application for planning permission. He said this would instill confidence in the consultation process between the Airport and the Strandhill community.

He also stated that the application for planning permission submitted by the Airport was comprehensively flawed. The vast majority of Strandhill residents are deeply concerned about building a runway extension on Dorrin’s Strand with the consequent damage to the ecology, wildlife, heritage, and access to recreational activities. Local residents also have grave concerns for the access road to Coney Island and the massive damage to the local fish farming industries by the proposal to divert the channel from its current course.

In response to the request to withdraw the planning application, Councillor Albert Higgins, Chairman of the Airport Company, stated that such a decision would need to be considered by the airport company and that he would bring this DCCG request to the board.

The DCCG concerns with the inadequacy of the Environmental Impact Statement were supported by the Sligo Co. Co. Planning Department who had written a lengthy letter to the Airport seeking further information on a wide range of issues concerning the application.



Over 40 people attended a public meeting tonight in strandhill to discuss the conservation of Dorrins Strand – the area of Sligo Bay in Strandhill, that will be directly affected by the proposed eastward extension of Sligo Regional Airport.

As with an initial meeting held in the first week in February, the discussion and input from the floor was passionate but reasonable; the common feeling was that the airport company have the requirement to extend the runway due to safety and legislative pressures, but also that the option chosen is a poor one. The consultants report in particular, has come in for some criticism.

Some key tasks will be carried out over the coming days – contact with local representatives, a petition distributed within the local community, as well as a meeting between the Airport company and representives from the conservation group.



Had a quick check on the Sligo County Council website just now for submissions made on the planned runway extension – 72 so far – wow!

Looks like the public meeting and ensuing debate has really galvanised the community.



Few people seem to realise that Sligo County Council have made it quite easy for people in Strandhill to view the fine detail of planning applications online.

The link is pretty obvious from their home page – “View Panning Register”. Searches can be performed by planning number, name and address. All applications and the subsequent submissions are scanned to be made available online, and this appears to happen within days of their receipt of materials.

However, the document viewer which is used to view these scanned images – is an ActiveX control – and will only work in Internet Explorer. Even then – I have heard a number of people remark “I checked the county council website, and the documents aren’t there”. Probably not the case…

Internet Explorer will complain about the installation of the activex control, because of typical security settings. The screencast below – hosted on YouTube – will walk you through the process; it’s pretty straightforward.



Over 100 people attended a public meeting in Strandhill last night to show their concern over the proposed new 270 metre eastward extension of the runway into Dorrins Strand.

Chaired by Alfie Parkes, representatives from the Airport Board as well as those directly affected by the developments made statements on their positions.

A lively debate ensued from the floor. All of those who spoke were unanimous in their hopes that the runway can be extended, but threw serious doubt on the decision to extend east. The quality of the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) was questioned by a number of well qualified individuals, as was the apparent decision by the board to choose the less expensive option. For the record, the option to develop west into the Atlantic is apparently technically possible – but at least double the price (€10.2m).

A lively and passionate evening – this one has a long way to go.

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